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Here at Diagnosis Delayed, we strive to educate every family struggling with a cancer diagnosis about the rights and options available to them. When it comes to cancer, early detection is essential. If cancer is misdiagnosed or diagnosed late, the results can be devastating. Treatments become more invasive. Survival rates plummet. Even a relatively short delay can allow the cancer to grow or spread unchecked, putting a life at risk.According to the National Center for Policy Analysis, 10 to 20 percent of all medical conditions are misdiagnosed. While it’s true that some misdiagnoses are medically unavoidable, a number of delayed diagnosis, incorrect diagnosis, and failure to diagnose cancer instances stem from medical negligence. When a doctor or other medical provider’s failure to adhere to the standard of care established by the larger medical community causes a delay in your cancer diagnosis – and treatment – then you may have the legal right to pursue a cancer misdiagnosis claim or lawsuit.

As you explore your cancer treatment options and your legal options, we invite you to look through our resources. On this site, you will find helpful articles about types of cancer, treatment options, cancer misdiagnosis, and cancer litigation.

We hope that the information provided on this site will answer some of your questions and guide you as you begin making educated decisions about your health and your legal rights. If you have further questions about medical care, please refer to a trusted doctor. If you have questions about legal actions involving delayed cancer diagnoses or misdiagnoses, feel free to contact us. There’s never a charge to discuss your situation with an experienced legal professional.

Delayed Diagnosis is presented by attorney Richard P. Console, Jr.

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